Claire and Brick Discuss the PLot

Claire: I need your help. Brick looks up, surprised, not sure what to say. She takes his silence as an invitation.

C: I told you the father was never in the picture. That’s sort of true, but not exactly.

He simply watched, listened carefully.

C: Ok, here’s the thing. I’m gonna just tell you. So I agreed to have a designer baby for this rich couple. It’s not even their kid really, I mean they paid for it but it’s not their genetics.

Brick sighed in a way that, to Claire sounded disappointed. This annoyed her, and it showed.

C: look, judge me if you want, but I thought it was a way to get the money to move out of this place. But now…

B: Now you want to keep your baby.

Claire nodded.

B: And what do you expect me to do?

C: You said you used to find people for a living.

He nodded.

C: So, do you think you could help someone, you know, NOT be found?

B: Let me see your left arm.

She offered it. Brick gently pulled up the sleeve of her sweater, revealing a thin, snug bracelet.

C: I’m not supposed to take it off.

B: And you shouldn’t, until you know exactly what you’re going to do next. When you do, they will come looking for you. But you have an advantage.

C: What’s that?

B: You live in Vermilion. Nobody wants to come here, not even police. Especially if you’re hiding in a place like Miasma.


C: So, you used to find people for a living.

B: Mhm.

Claire hesitated.

B: What is it. Speak your mind, kid.

C: How did you find them?

B: Simple things.

C: Like what?

B: People think detectives have some superhuman eye for detail. It’s more about knowing where the relevant details might be. For example, let’s say someone has fled their home. And you sneak into that home just for five minutes. You can find what grocery store someone frequents just by their kitchen trash. Know if there are women around by the bathroom trash. Know their hobbies by the random junk in their basement. And everyone, absolutely everyone, has some sort of box or drawer full of sentimental objects.

B: A lot of people when they vanish don’t even leave town. They go to stay with family. Or they rent a hotel anonymously, but they still come to places like this. You can’t disappear if you keep all the same habits.

Claire looked thoughtful.

B: Now, why don’t you tell me what this is about.

C: Hmm?

B: Either you are trying to find someone, or you are trying not to be found by someone.

Claire said nothing, so Brick continued.

B: Given how anxious you seem today, I’m guessing it’s the latter. And either way, if I had to guess, I would guess that someone is the dad. (here he pointed to her belly). How am I doing?

Claire nodded.