Companies So Far

THESIS - the company that invented AI, but also various appliances and mechanical things around town like elevators, ovens, etc.

Valhalla - Prosthesis and non-sentient android manufacturer, the fastest growing tech company in the world.

RomCom - the telecommunication company, and maybe other consumer electronics that aren’t androids. Somewhere between Apple and Verizon. Pink heart logo.

The Republic - aka the United Democratic Republic of Mankind, the world government concerning humans / earth. Fairly organized and powerful but not dystopian or utopian; controlled by a council of elected representatives from its semi-independent provinces which were formerly world powers or cultural centers, such as America, Russia, Australia, the EU, etc. Each province gets a proportion of votes depending on its population and resources, similar to the intention behind Electoral College. Major provinces would probably be

Transportation company. (Already forgot its name but I could see combining it with RomCom.) They built a system of fancy, fast trains that transport passengers and cargo between cities and provinces.