Zephyr: Dead sexbots

Another intimacy simulation unit was destroyed yesterday on Alexandria’s East Side. It appeared to have been beaten with a blunt instrument until it stopped functioning.

This is the fourth unit to be destroyed in as many days, bringing the total property damage to over 30,000 coin. Police are calling these crimes “brutal and disturbing.”

Police suspect the involvement radical activist group Nyx. No arrests have yet been made.

[Large photograph: Yellow ‘crime scene’ tape near a broken sexbot on the ground. The sexbot looks like a pretty woman dressed in skimpy clothes and over-the-top gaudy makeup. Part of her face is bashed in, exposing circuitry or mechanical parts. Her mouth is frozen open. Her eyes look hollow.]

Babylon Details

The largest and most luxurious dollhouse is called Babylon. It's very large and somewhat confusing, with many rooms that mimic design motifs from ancient Babylon. It is on the outskirts of the district, away from the other dollhouses and dive bars.

Babylon is the primary dollhouse that advertises around the city with billboards, etc. Its name is well known among locals, including those who would never step foot inside.

Babylon has both male and female sexbots, but mostly female. They come in many forms and all have unique names. The advertisements around town depict these bots by name, both on posters and on small cards handed out by peddlers on the street, like Las Vegas.

The promoted sexbots are in glass display cases, probably dancing. On the cases are names and a price.

The establishment is run by [scumbag proprietor] who's a kind of greasy, used car salesman type of guy.

Bret's suggestion is that the hostess is a somewhat elegant, older lady. Perhaps she should be a sentient construct? That could be interesting, and then there could be a sort of "racist" conflict between the human owner and the construct hostess / madam.